Go Platinum! Platinum Corporate Credit, Inc.
                            Credit Building Program 
We use a step by step approach to establish your business credit. With our 12 month program, we will advance your company through four tiers/levels of credit as you complete our full-service program. All creditors used in our program are either nationally known or Fortune 500 companies. There are no “ma & pa” creditors. (6 month program option will complete tier/level 1 & 2)

Tier One Creditors
 Net-30 Accounts (4) with average credit limits
$500- $1,500

Tier Two Creditors
Low-end Revolving Accounts (4) with average credit limits $1500- $2500

Tier Three Creditors
Mid-range Revolving Accounts (4) with average credit limits $2500 - $7000

Tier Four Creditors
 High-end Revolving Accounts (5) with average credit limits $5000 - $40,000. The average client will receive approximately $15,000 credit limits on each of their tier four creditors.


We assign a dedicated account representative to manage your account week to week as you advance through our program. From registering your company with the top 3 credit bureaus used in business credit, to completing each credit application, your account representative will complete the steps for you. This also allows you both the time and the freedom to run and manage your business, while we build your business credit! 72% of businesses will fail in their first year of operation, and the number one reason they fail is lack of business financing. While others
in your industry struggle to obtain business credit, your company will have the competitive edge it needs to succeed!

Getting started with our program is easy and your enrollment can be completed over the phone in only 5 minutes! The sooner you get started, the sooner your company can have the business credit it needs to succeed. We offer the best pricing in the industry for our full-service credit building program, and we stand behind our program with a Money-Back Guarantee! No shortcuts, no gimmicks! Business credit built the way it should be, from the ground floor up, step by step, account by account!

Call us today at 713-370-1640. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, review our payment options, and complete your enrollment. You may also email your inquiries to:  info@platinumcorporatecredit.com

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